In Isaiah 9:6 one of the titles given for Jesus is “Wonderful Counselor”! Jesus proved Himself to be that Wonderful Counselor when he talked to the Samaritan woman we call “The Woman at the Well”. Here is an outline for you to develop into a sermon or Bible lesson that will show Jesus to be just what Isaiah said He would be, “Wonderful Counselor”.

JESUS HAD AN APPOINTMENT – John 4:1-6 – Jesus knew that he had to be at a certain well in Samaria at just the right time. He was there on time. Also note that when Jesus helps us He’s always on time. 

JESUS HAD A CLIENT – John 4:7-8 – Although Samaritan woman did not know she had an appointment, she showed up. Jesus knew how to engage her in conversation by asking her for a drink.

JESUS HAD AN INTERVIEW – John 4:9-15 – He knew how to draw her out and make her thirsty for what she truly needed. We He had her interested in “living water”.

JESUS HAD INSIGHT – John 4:16-18 – By telling the woman to go get her husband, Jesus made her admit that she didn’t have a husband. Then Jesus insightfully told her that she was right. She had five husbands previously and the man she was living with now was not her husband.

JESUS HAD ANSWERS – John 4:19-24 – The woman asked about the proper place of worship and Jesus had an accurate answer for her.

JESUS HAD THE SOLUTION – John 4:24-26 – The woman knew there was a coming Messiah called Christ who would have all the answers. Jesus assured her that He was the Messiah.

JESUS GOT RESULTS – John 4:27-30 – The woman believed in the Lord Jesus and went to tell others.