• God used men to write all of the Scriptures and they were inspired of God. 2 Peter 1:19-21, 2 Timothy 3:16
  • When God used a person to write His Word, He used that person’s personality, intellect, and life situations to share God’s Message.
  • When I say, “Why Luke wrote His Gospel”, I am looking at the inspired reasons Luke had for writing.
  • Remember, Luke was one of four inspired Gospel writers. Each Gospel was written from different perspectives and compliments the others.
  • Also, remember that God never contradicts Himself. Even when we think there are contradictions, most are easily explained. Be assured, even when we can’t figure it out, there is an explanation from God’s perspective.

Luke is saying:

“OTHERS HAVE WRITTEN” – Luke 1:1 – Luke is saying that many have written Gospel accounts. This is true, but only 4 were inspired by God.

OTHERS HAVE SEEN” – Luke 1:2 – There were writers of the Gospel writers who and minister of God’s Word who were eyewitnesses of part or all of the Gospel events. Matthew and John definitely were present, and Mark probably witnessed some of the events (I believe that the young man who fled in the Garden of Gethsemane was probably Mark. See Mark 14:50-52).

“I HAVE UNDERSTOOD” – Luke 1:3 – Luke, was apparently a Gentile, and referred to by Paul as the “Beloved Physician” (Colossians 4:14). He often traveled with Paul. When he said he had “perfect understanding” of things from the beginning, I believe he took the time to interview people who were there, such as Mary. His knowledge of events allowed him to share information that others did not. Luke tells of the birth of John the Baptist, the angel Gabriel’s appearance to Mary, the events surrounding Jesus’ birth, His birth in a stable, the announcement to the shepherds, as well as other events.

“I WILL SHARE SO YOU WILL KNOW” – Luke 1:3-4 – Luke was compelled to share what he knew with the view of helping others know with certainty the truths of the Gospel. In this case, the man’s name was Theophilus. This is really the purpose for all witnessing. We are to share what we know and have experienced in order to help others. We are still sharing the Great Commission as written in Matthew 28:18-20.