• Hallmark Channel shows movies.
  • T.V. networks run holiday specials.
  • Businesses have sales, have parties, give days off and issue bonuses.
  • Children (and adults) look forward to receiving and giving presents.
  • And little children look forward to a visit from the Jolly, Little Old Man in a red and white suit who has elves for employees and reindeer as transportation for his sleigh full of toys.
  • Families have special get togethers, and people travel from North to South and from East to West to be with those they love.
  • Churches have concerts, children’s programs, and extra services.


Most of us would agree that many, many people who celebrate haven’t a clue about the true meaning of Christmas and why we celebrate Christmas.

Even we as Christians, who know that we celebrate Christmas as the day Jesus our Lord and Savior was born, may not grasp the significance of His birth.

So, this morning, let’s answer the question “Why” Jesus’ birth is so important. We’ll do it by taking a brief trip through the Old Testament.

PARADISE – Genesis 2:7-9, 15-17 – Adam and Eve were in the perfect environment.

PROBLEM – Genesis 3:1-13,16-19, 22-24 – Adam and Eve sinned! Spiritual and Physical death were then realities.

PROMISE – Genesis 3:14-15, 21 – There would be a redeemer. First blood sacrifice for man’s sin were the skins that covered Adam and Eve.

PEOPLE – Genesis 12:1-3 – The redeemer was to come through Abraham.

PREEMINENCE – Genesis 49:10, 2 Samuel 7:12-17 – The Redeemer would come through the Tribe of Judah and kingly line of David.

Shiloh – Bible Knowledge Commentary – “Most commendable is the alternate Hebrew textual reading … meaning “to whom it belongs,” thus “until he comes to whom it [i.e., scepter] belongs.”


  • Isaiah 7:14 – “God with us”, Matthew 1:22-23
  • Isaiah 9:6 – God over us
  • Micah 5:2 – God (comes) to us
  • Isaiah 53 – God for us

PARADISE – Revelation 22:1-2 – Because of the Sacrifice of Jesus, we who are believers, will be in Paradise.