Introduction – Vss. 21-22 – Peter asks how much forgiveness needs to be given to others. Jesus tells him that forgiveness is always to be practiced. The number 70 x 7 would indicate an unlimited number of times we need to forgive.  Now, Jesus follows with a parable all Christians should take very seriously. 

UNPAYABLE DEBT – Vss. 23-24 – The debt for the Christian’s sin is greater than he could ever pay.

UNBELIEVABLE  DEFERMENT – Vss. 25-27 – The payment for our sins on the cross by Jesus Christ makes this forgiveness possible.

UNACCEPTABLE DECORUM – Vss. 28-31 – If Jesus forgave us for so much, why shouldn’t we forgive those who have done relatively so little against us?

UNDERSTANDABLE DECREE – Vss. 32-35 – Of course, a true Christian can not lose salvation, but can experience the Lord’s hand of discipline upon his life.