1 Kings 4 – WHAT A KINGDOM!

To this point, Israel’s “Golden Age” was reached under King Solomon. During his rule, Israel, because of God’s blessing, experienced great success.

THE STAFF – Vss. 1-19

A great kingdom requires good leadership, and Solomon’s kingdom evidently had it.

Each one had a job to do and did it.

Special notice should be given to Nathan in verse 5, who was “the king’s friend”. Each Christian has the privilege of being the friend of our King, the Lord Jesus. John 15:13-14

THE SUBJECTS – Vss. 20-21

Judah and Israel lived in prosperity. Other peoples who lived in the area brought Solomon gifts and were in subjection to him.

THE SUPPLIES – Vss. 22-28

Here is a description of the prosperity of Solomon’s household.

THE SOVEREIGN – Vss. 29-34

Solomon was the wisest king who ever lived. Here is an example of the wisdom and knowledge that he had.