• When it comes to qualifying for admission into Heaven, how would the average American view himself?
  • As you read Romans 1:18-32, what parallels do you see between Paul’s words and the current moral situation in our country?
  • Why is it necessary for each individual to realize that he or she is a poor lost sinner?

As Paul begins his explanation of God’s Good News, or the Gospel, he starts by explaining that everyone is a sinner who needs Divine help. This passage runs through Romans 3:20 and ends with a “guilty” verdict.

Suppression – Romans 1:18-21

  • 18 – According to John MacArthur, the word translated wrath “refers to a settled, determined indignation, not to the momentary, emotional, and often uncontrolled anger to which human beings are prone.” John MacArthur, The MacArthur New Testament Commentary, Romans 1-8., (Chicago, Moody Press, 1991), p. 60
  • Throughout history God has revealed his wrath. The ultimate revelation of his wrath was on the cross, where Jesus allowed His Father to pour out His wrath on Him for the sins of everyone. Here God’s justice was satisfied.                 2 Corinthians 5:21
  • Ungodliness would probably refer to offences towards God and unrighteousness offences towards men.
  • 19-20 – Mankind has suppressed the truth of God’s existence, even though God’s existence is evident in creation. Psalm 19:1-6, Isaiah 29:16
  • 21 – The result of their suppression is described here.

Idolatry – Romans 1:22-23

  • Thinking themselves wise, they became fools and became idol worshippers.
  • They made their idols to be like themselves, instead of the true, holy God.

Immorality – Romans 1:24-27

  • 24 – Because of their rebellion, God gave them over or committed them to “uncleanness”. They “dishonored” their bodies with sexual sin.
  • 25-27 – Because of their worship of the creature instead of the creator, they became engrossed with homosexuality. God calls them “vile passions”.

Depravity – Romans 1:28-32

  • 28-31 – Most men and women do not practice homosexuality, but all of us have a debased mind. The list is extensive!
  • 32 – Even when men know better, they practice and encourage these sins. Because all of us are sinners, we do not hate or dislike those who don’t agree with us. Our only desire is to be Biblical in our teaching, and to desire all to know Jesus as their Savior.