2 Chronicles 18 – WAR STORY

A BAD ALLIANCE – Vss. 1-3 – King Jehoshaphat, a godly man, had no right making an alliance with wicked King Ahab.

A BELATED PROPOSAL – Vs. 4 – Jehosaphat should have inquired of God before he committed himself to a military campaign with Ahab. But he did request that God be inquired of.

A BRAZEN LIE – Vss. 5, 9-11 – False prophets promised success.

A BOLD PROPHET –Vss. 6-8, 12-22 – God’s true prophet spoke up and told the truth.

A BRUTAL PUNISHMENT – Vss. 23-27 – Micaiah was punished for telling the truth.

A BITTER END – Vss. 28-34 – Ahab died as predicted by Micaiah.