Joshua 7 – TROUBLE


  • ONE MAN – Vs. 1 – It only took one man’s sin to cause trouble.  The Children of Israel were not to take things from Jericho for themselves, but Achan did. Joshua 6:17-19 
  • ONE MISTAKE – Vss. 2-3 – God was not consulted before trying to attack Ai.  It Joshua had talked to God, he would have known there was a problem.  Instead Israel was presumptuous. 
  • ONE MELTDOWN (MESS) – Vss. 4-9 – Because of sin in the camp, Israel was defeated. 


  • ONE REASON – Vss. 10-12 – Israel failed because there was sin in the camp. 
  • ONE REQUIREMENT – Vss. 11-13 – Sin had to be found and disciplined. 
  • ONE RESPONSE – Vss. 16-26 – Joshua and the Children of Israel took care of the problem.