The religious leaders of Jesus’ day did not believe in Him. Furthermore, in Luke 20:1-18, Jesus had spoken against them.  Therefore, they tried to trap Jesus in His words so they could have Him arrested. Trapping Jesus, of course was impossible!

A PLOT – Vss. 19-20 – Spies were sent to try and get Jesus to say something for which he could be arrested.

A PRETENSION – Vss. 21-22 – These men pretended to be serious seekers of the truth.  They asked Jesus a question that could have gotten Jesus in trouble no matter what He said.  “Should taxes be paid to Caesar?”

A PERCEPTION – Vs. 23 – Jesus was not fooled. He knew what they were trying to do.

A PRONOUNCEMENT – Vss.24-25 – God was to get was God’s. Caesar was to get what was Caesar’s.

A POWER – Vs. 26 – They could not trap Jesus in His Words. His wisdom marveled the people. They were forced into silence.