Matthew 4:1-11 – THIS IS A TEST!! 

During our lives we will face many tests. Some tests will be of an academic nature.  Other tests will be of a Spiritual nature.  Adam and Eve were tested in the Garden of Eden, and they failed!  Our Lord Jesus Christ was tested, being tempted by Satan and He passed!

There are some things about the temptation of Jesus, that will help us when we face life’s temptations. 


When Jesus was tempted, it was right after a great time of blessing.

See Matthew 3:13-17.

When we are tempted, it will often be after a Spiritual “high”.               

Satan likes to catch us off guard.

Note, however, that Jesus went into the wilderness under the guidance of the Spirit of God. You and I can’t avoid life’s tests, but we should follow our Lord’s example, and let His Spirit guide us. 


Jesus was tested with the exact 3 types of sin that confronted Eve.

1 John 2:15-17 gives us a description of these temptations. They are the “lust of the flesh”, the “lust of the eyes” and “the pride of life.”

Compare the temptation of Jesus with that of Eve, referring to Genesis 3:6

Lust Of The Flesh Vss. 2-3 – “…the tree, was good for food…”

Pride Of Life Vss. 5-6 – “…and a tree desired to make one wise…”

Lust Of The Eyes Vss. 8-9 – “…and that it was pleasant to the eyes…” 


One Word – Vs. 4 – The Word of God has the final say, not the suggestions of Satan. We should live by every Word from God.

One Way – Vs. 7 – The way to follow is God’s way, therefore, we should not tempt (test) him by trying to go our own way.

One Worship Vss. 10-11 – Only God should be worshipped, not Satan. 

Note that Jesus was victorious over Satan, and that every time he was tested, He quoted the Scriptures.