Not every person on a baseball team plays the same position.

Not every person in the church has the same gifts.

To live righteously as believers, we must first dedicate ourselves. (Romans 12:1-2). Then we must discern how we best fit in Christ’s body the church. We must find our Spiritual gifts and use them to bless others.

If you are preaching or teaching on this passage, I would explain Romans 12:3-5, then itemize the Spiritual gifts as mentioned in Romans 12:6-8.


  • Prophecy – Is speaking for God. Today it is the preaching of God’s Word.  Old and New Testament prophets proclaimed boldly their message from God.  The preacher today is to do the same. 2 Timothy 4:2 –  Preaching = Proclamation
  • Teaching – A teacher helps one learn. A teacher makes things clear. A teacher helps people grasp truth. – Teaching = Explanation
  • Exhortation – An exhorter is an encourager. He is one who, like the Holy Spirit who empowers him, “comes alongside to help”.  He challenges people to “Just do it!”. –  Exhortation = Motivation


  • Ministry (Service) – There is a wide variety of gifts that fall under the gift of “service”. – Ministry = Serving
  • Giving – Everyone is to give (2 Corinthians 9:7), but there are some who are gifted in this area. They are to give with “simplicity”, or generously. – Giving = Sharing
  • Ruling – When a person has the gift of ruling, he is able to provide leadership. Not all leaders in the church are members of the church board.  Ministries within the Church need those who will lead. – Ruling = Steering 
  • Mercy – Mercy is compassion in action. It gives relief to human suffering. – Mercy = Showing (Compassion)