Hebrews 1:4-14 – THE SUPERIOR SON


  • What does the word “superior” mean? Give examples of how we use the word in daily conversation.
  • How is the Lord Jesus superior to you?

After seeing how awesome Jesus is in Hebrews 1:1-3, we now see that he is superior to a special group of beings, the angels.

  • What do you know about Angels?
  • Many Jews in Bible Times were preoccupied with Angels.
  • Have you seen any evidence of people you know being occupied with Angels?

It was important for the Hebrews that they not consider Jesus to be an angel or like angels. He needed to be seen as He is, the superior Son of God.


  1. HIS NAME – Vss. 4-5 (Psalm 2:7, 2 Samuel 7:14)
  • Names in Scripture are often important. Why?
  • Why is it important for Jesus to have a better name than the angels?
  • What are some of the names given to Jesus? What is the best name given to Jesus?

      For unto which of the angels said he at any time, Thou art my Son, this day have I           begotten thee?  This is a quote of Psalm 2:7 and refers to the resurrection. Acts:13:33

  • Romans 1:3-4 – Jesus had been the Son from all eternity. However, the resurrection declared him to be the Son of God, and showed his qualification as such.
  • And again, I will be to him a Father, and he shall be to me a Son? This quote in a lesser way refers to Solomon, but in a major way looks ahead to the one called “David’s Greater Son”, the Lord Jesus. 2 Samuel 7:14
  1. HIS POSITION – Hebrews 1:6
    • Jesus is the “first begotten” or “first born”
    • “First born” refers to position, not to order in time of birth. To be first born means to be the ‘the Chief One’. Might, dignity and power were associated with the firstborn.
    • Jesus is first born or in the position of preeminence over creation because He is creator! Colossians 1:15-16
    • Jesus is also first born from the dead. Colossians 1:18
    • Jesus is not the first person mentioned in the Bible that was resurrected from the dead. Name some. What are differences between them and Him?
  2. HIS RIGHTEOUS REIGN – Hebrews 1:8-9 (Psalm 45:6-7)
    • Why is the deity of Christ, mentioned here, an important doctrine?
    • Did Jesus ever claim to be God? Where?
    • Did the Apostles and writers of the New Testament claim that Jesus is God? Where?
    • In this passage, God the Father claims Jesus to be God.
    • The throne is symbolic of Jesus’ power, which is eternal.
    • The scepter is symbolic of Jesus’ authority.
    • Note in verse 9 that Jesus loves righteousness. What are some of the things we can do today that Jesus will love?
  3. HIS JOY – Hebrews 1:9
    • What was the “oil” that Jesus was anointed with?
    • What was Jesus anointed as?
    • Notice that Jesus’ reign will not only be righteous but joyful. What will be the result when Jesus reigns in your heart?
  4. HIS CREATIVE ACTS – Hebrews 1:10 (Psalm 102:25-27)
    • When the earth was created Jesus did the creating, not the angels.
  5. HIS PERMANENCE – Hebrews 1:11-12
    • The earth will age like a garment, and will be cast off and replaced. Revelation 21:1-2
    • Jesus is eternal. Hebrews 13:8
    • How are you encouraged that Jesus does not change?


  1. THEIR SONG (Worship) – Hebrews 1:
    • How does this verse show Jesus superior to angels?
    • What is one of the principle jobs of angels? Isaiah 6:1-4, Revelation 5:11-14
    • What do angels teach us about worship?
  2. THEIR SERVICE – Hebrews 1:7, 14
    • What are some of the stories of service about angels mentioned in the Bible?
    • Do angels still minister today?
  3. THEIR SUBMISSION – Hebrews 1:13 (Psalm 110:1)
    • The right hand of God is a place of influence, power, and authority. No angel will ever sit there. It is the place of the Son.