Matthew 13:24-30, 37-43 – THE SEED AND THE WEEDS 

This parable by Jesus tells us why things are so bad in the world today, and why we shouldn’t worry about the future. 

GOOD SEED – Vss. 24, 37-38

Jesus is the sower of the good seed in the world. 

GREAT EVIL – Vss. 25-26, 38-39

Satan is responsible for planting the weeds.

The good seed are born again Christians.

The evil seed are those without Christ. They are children of the Devil. 

GRAVE REPORT – Vss. 27-28

The weeds are springing up with the good seed. 

GENEROUS HARVEST – Vss. 29-30, 40-43

  • For the Fire (Hell) – Vss. 40-42
  • For the Barn (Heaven) – Vs. 43