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The Lord’s Prayer – Part #2 of 8 

Revelation 4:11 – “Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.”

Worship is an important part of church.

Worship is an important part of our prayer lives.

Worship is evidence that you are filled with the Holy Spirit. Ephesians 5:18-20 

When we approach God in prayer, we begin by remembering that we are coming into the presence of “Our Father”.  This is assuming that the person praying has trusted Christ as his Savior. John 1:12, Romans 8:15-16 

So we come, praying to our Father.

And because our Father is who He is, our prayer nicely flows into the adoration of worship, “Hallowed be Thy name.”

Worship includes at least three things that we need to consider: 


According to Martin Lloyd-Jones, The word “hallowed” means “to sanctify, or to revere, or to make and keep holy.” (D. Martin Lloyd-Jones, The Sermon on the Mount, Copyright by Inter-Varsity Fellowship, Printed by Eerdmans Printing Company, Grand Rapids, Page 59)

It is to have reverence.

It is to have respect.

It is to set apart as special. 

The request is that God’s name would be reverenced by us, by others, and by the whole world. Why reverence for the name of God?  God’s names reveal who He is.  In Bible times, the names that God used for Himself and that He was called revealed the character of God. (In my message I took time to elaborate on some of the names of God. You might want to do the same.) 


There is certainly an attitude of rejoicing worship in the Psalms.

Psalm 104:33-34, Psalm 34:1-3, Psalm 30:4, Psalm 96:1-2 

How do we go about rejoicing in worship?

To answer that question, let us go to Psalm 100.

Psalm 100:1, 2, and 4 show us how to rejoice in worship. (Elaborate) 


Psalm 100:3,5

  1. The Lord is God.
  2. The Lord has made us.
  3. We (Christians) are the Lord’s People.
  4. We (Christians) are the sheep of the Lord’s Pasture (Psalm 23)
  5. The Lord is good.
  6. The Lord’s mercy is everlasting.
  7. The Lord’s truth endures to all generations. 

Not only should our worship include reverence, rejoicing, and reasons in our own private times of prayer, but let us remember to worship God in church with reverence, rejoicing, and reasons.