Proverbs 7 – THE END OF PURITY

In this chapter we have the story of a young man who lost his sexual purity. Solomon writes this man’s story as an eyewitness.


Vss. 6-7 – This young man was “void of understanding”. He did not have the right priorities for remaining pure that are listed in Vss. 1-5. Practicing Vss. 1-5 would have kept this young man in the time of temptation.

WRONG PLACE – Vss. 8-9

The best way to not let temptation get the best of you is to avoid it.

This man was headed towards the wrong place at the wrong time of day. 1 Thessalonians 5:22

We must be careful to avoid the wrong places where temptation is present. Pornography in books and on screen should be especially avoided. Psalm 101:3

WRONG PERSON – Vss. 10-20

This was not the type of person that the young man should have been listening to. He should have followed the example of Joseph in Genesis 39:7-13 who ran from temptation.


The result of wrong priorities is being in the wrong place.

The result of being in the wrong place is meeting the wrong people.

The result of listening to wrong people is the wrong practice.

The young man’s purity was gone!