1 Timothy 5:1-16TAKING CARE OF FAMILY 

The church is a family.  Each true church member is a child of God, having been born again. John 1:12-13

Just as it is important that we take of our families at home, it is also important that we take care of our church families as well. 

1 Timothy 5:1-16 talks about the way we should treat each other as church family members, and how we should treat a very important segment of the church family, widows. 

RESPECT – Vss. 1-2 

Timothy, Paul’s protégé, was probably between thirty and forty years old.  He was told to treat everyone with respect, especially those whom he needed to correct.  When someone does something to anger or disturb us, this is when it is most difficult to deal with the problem and to show respect. 

Elders, older men, were to be appealed to as fathers.

Younger men were to be appealed to as brothers.

Older women were to be appealed to as mothers.

Younger women were to be appealed to as sisters, in all purity. 

RESPONSIBILITY – Vss. 3,4,8,16 

Vs. 3 – In the church the needs of widows were attended to from the very beginning. In fact, the first church dispute on record was about the care of widows. Acts 6

God is concerned for the widow. Deuteronomy 10:18, Isaiah 1:17 

Vs. 4 – When a widow can not take care of herself, the first line of help is the family.  The word “nephews” actually refers to grandchildren. 

Vs. 8 – A person who does not care of his own family is worse than an unbeliever. 

Vs. 16 – The church has a responsibility to meet the needs of widows. But, the primary responsibility of the church is to care for “widows indeed”. Widows indeed have no one else to care for them. 

REQUIREMENTS – Vss. 5-7, 9-10 

There are certain requirements for being “widows indeed”.

  • She has no means of taking care of herself. Vs. 5
  • She is a believer, trusting in God. Vs. 5
  • She is a lady who continues in prayer. Vs. 5
  • She needed to be at least 60 years old and only married once. Vs. 9
  • She was to have a good reputation. Vs. 10
  • She was to be a doer of good works. Vs. 10 

RESTRICTIONS – Vss. 11-15 

Vss. 11-12 – Younger widows were not ready for the full time service to Christ that a Godly widow was to perform.  Eventually they would marry, and bring judgment upon themselves. 

Vs. 13 – Younger women would also have a tendency to get lazy and become “tattlers” and busybodies”. 

Vs. 14 – Younger women were to remarry.