This is a Bible Study.

Jesus was on His way to the Cross. Here are two “stops” or visits He made on His way there.

STOP AT GETHSEMANE – Matthew 26:36-55

  • Surrender – Matthew 26:36-46, Luke 22:40-46
  • 37-38 – What was causing Jesus’ sorrow? Have friends ever stood by you in a time of extreme sorrow?
  • 39 – What does Jesus’ attitude teach us?
  • 40-41 – Why was Peter singled out? Why is watching and praying important when we and our friends are going through trials?
  • How confident was Jesus after his time of prayer?
  • Betrayal – Matthew 26:47-56, Luke 22:47-51, John 18:10-11
  • Why can we be brave like Peter in one minute and cowardly like Peter the next?
  • What do we learn here about the identity of Jesus and the authority of Scripture?
  • Abandonment – Matthew 26:56, John 18:4-9
  • Why was Jesus protecting His disciples?
  • In what ways could we abandon Jesus?

STOP WITH CAIAPHAS – Matthew 26:57-75

  • Accusations – Matthew 26:57-61, Mark 14:55-59
  • Finding reliable false witnesses was impossible. What does this say to you?
  • Confession – Matthew 26:62-64
  • Why was it important that Jesus be required to make this declaration of His identity?
  • Condemnation – Matthew 26:65-68
  • What evidence was the Sanhedrin ignoring when they accused Jesus of blasphemy?
  • Jesus suffered abuse at the hands of the Sanhedrin and their officers. In what ways can we abuse Jesus?
  • Denial – Matthew 26:69-75
  • How can we deny that we know Jesus today? Is there hope for us?