SPUNKY WOMAN – Genesis 24 etc.

Rebekah was a woman with spunk, tenacity, or courage.

In Genesis 24:1-9 Abraham sends his servant to find a wife for Isaac.

In Genesis 24:10-14 that servant is asking God to send a woman with spunk. This is exactly the type of woman he got for good and bad.


Watering the camels was no easy task, but she stuck with it. 

REBEKAH’S DECISION Genesis 24:35-53

She decided to go, and to go quickly to be Isaac’s bride. She evidently knew how to determine God’s will for her life.


When Rebekah did not understand what was going on inside of her she went to God and asked Him.

REBEKAH’S DEVOTION Genesis 25:24-28

There was unnecessary division in this family.

    Favorites should never have been chosen, but at least Rebekah was devoted to the individual God had chosen.


REBEKAH’S DECEIT Genesis 27:1-16

If spunky people are not careful, they can become deceptive people. Rebekah’s deception resulted in Jacob running for his life, and never seeing his mother again.