Deuteronomy 6:4-9 – SOMETHING SPECIAL 

The people of Israel were special, so God had a special message for them.  We too, are a special people, and the same message applies to us today. 

SOMETHING TO HEAR – Vss. 1-4 – The Word of God 

SOMETHING TO HEED – Vss. 1-4 – Not only are we to hear the Word of God, but we are to obey it.

SOMETHING TO HIDE – Vs. 6 – God’s Word is to be hidden in our hearts.

SOMETHING TO HONOR – Vss. 7-9 – We honor God’s Word by teaching it to our families, and displaying it in our homes. 

SOMEONE TO HOLD – Vs. 5 – We are to cling to the Lord our God with a complete love.