(This message may be used as an individual sermon or as part of the series.)


#18 – Sermon on the Mount 

Jesus summarizes the message of these verses in

Matthew 6:21 – For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. 

Jesus is saying, “Where’s your treasure? There’s your heart!” 

Whether you have a lot of money, or very little money, what you do with it is indicative of what’s important to you. How you spend your money tells you what’s really significant or important in your life. 


We are not to lay up treasures on earth.

We are not to accumulate a large amount of wealth that you and your family don’t need. 

Have you ever stopped to think what is going to happen to your money?

Either, you will spend it.

Or someone else will spend it.

Or, it will be taken in taxes.

Have you noticed what we in our materialistic society tend to do with our treasures?

We as a society invest our treasures in things. 

  • Not just a car, but a nice car
  • Not just a house, but the nicest house possible
  • Not just clothes, but new, fashionable clothes
  • The hottest computer, the fanciest television and stereo 

Earthly treasure is eventually destroyed. It is eaten up. 

Am I saying that it is wrong to own things? No!

In fact, when you visit us, you will find that God has been very good to us as well when it comes to things. Much of what we have was given to us. 

The point is, if our treasure is laid up in things alone, all we have at the end of our lives are things which will ware away and disappear. Corruptible riches mean nothing for eternity. 


We are told to lay up treasure in Heaven.

The treasure which is laid up in Heaven is incorruptible. 

How do we go about laying up certain riches in Heaven?

Heaven is free!

Wealth will buy no one a spot in Heaven. It is only through faith in Christ that we will enter. 

After securing our place in Heaven through Christ, we may earn rewards.  These rewards are earned through our faithfulness to God and our good works. 1 Corinthians 4:2, Ephesians 2:10 

The context in this passage however is obviously money.

How do we use our wealth to lay up treasures in Heaven?

We lay up treasures in Heaven by using our money in ways that please God. We invest our money in what is important to God!   

One such way is giving to those who are less fortunate than we are. Proverbs 19:17

We shouldn’t give to those in need to earn a reward. We should do it out of compassion.

God promises to pay us back. 

Not only should we share with those in need, but God has chosen that you and I should give to God’s work.

The ministry of the local church and of reaching the world for Christ takes money.

God has not ordained that this money come from His children, not from dinners and bingo!    

2 Corinthians 9:6-8 

Vs. 6 – Notice the principle that God lays down in the natural world, and in the world of giving. 

If a farmer sows sparingly, he can only expect to reap sparingly.

The more seed the farmer plants the more likely he is to yield a plentiful harvest. 

When it comes to giving to God’s work, the same principle is true.

If you give a little to God’s work, you can expect little in the way of dividends.

If you give generously to God’s work, you can expect plentiful results. 

Please bear in mind that God thinks of little giving and generous giving in proportion to what you have. 

You might recall reading of the day Jesus and His disciples stood outside of the treasury in Jerusalem, where people came to give to the Lord. 

The rich people put a lot of money in.

Then a poor widow came along and put in two mites, a very small amount of money.

Jesus said of her in Mark 12:43-44 …Verily I say unto you, That this poor widow hath cast more in, than all they which have cast into the treasury: For all they did cast in of their abundance; but she of her want did cast in all that she had, even all her living. 

What little this woman had, she gave! 

2 Corinthians 9:7 – God wants us to purpose in our heart what we will give. It is our decision.   

May I suggest that a good place to start is the tithe?  If the Old Testament person was required by law to give at least 10%, shouldn’t we under grace be willing to start our giving there? 

And notice that your giving is to be with the right attitude.

If you can’t give and be glad about it, don’t give at all!

You shouldn’t be reluctant when you give.

You shouldn’t give because you have to.

You should give because you want to! 

God loves a cheerful given. The word cheerful carries the idea of “hilarious”.  The church offering should be one of the happiest times in the church service. 

2 Corinthians 9:8 – When you give the way God wants you to give, there will enough to do all that needs to be done. 

Certain riches come when we lay up treasures in Heaven.  


In Matthew 6:21 our Lord tells us that where you money is, there your heart is also.  The real you is found in how you spend your money.   

Would you like a way of tell if your heart is in the right place?

Make a list of all the pleasures you have spent money on in the last year. Include everything that wasn’t a necessity. 

Money spent of T.V., V.C.R. and home computers

Money spent for pool and club memberships

Money spent on sporting equipment, and sports activities, including hunting

Money spent for a car which you didn’t need, but wanted.

Money spent on cigarettes and lottery (not that we recommend either), candy bars, extra snacks

Money spent on movies and shows. 

If you aren’t sure how much you spent, estimate. 

Then, total up what you have given to the Lord’s work.

Include your gifts to the church and missions.

Include your gifts to the less fortunate and those in need. 

This comparison should show you where you heart is. 

Crucial Illustration – Vss. 22-23 

This illustration is simply saying that someone with defective eyes can not see clearly. 

Someone’s spiritual eyes are defective when they are clouded with a desire to have physical pleasures and things. When the primary goal of our lives is physical success our vision is clouded. 


You can’t serve two masters.

You will either love money and the things that money can buy, or you will love God.

When you love God, you will invest your money in God’s things.

When you love God you will give to those in need.

When you love God you will support your local church.

When you love God you will support missions.