Isaiah 14: 12-17 – SATAN’S STORY

He’s called Satan, Lucifer, the Devil, and other names.

Here is the story of personal war with God.

HIS FAVORLucifer, son of the morning…┬áVs. 7, Ezekiel 28:11-15

He started as what was probably the highest position of a created being. His beauty was amazing. His job was probably guarding the holiness of God, until he fell.

HIS FAULT – Vss. 13-14

Satan’s problem was his pride. He wanted to be above God. Notice how many times the words “I will” appear in these two verses.

HIS FALL – Vss. 12, 15-16

Satan is already defeated.

Ultimately, he will be cast into the “Lake of Fire”. See Revelation 20:7-10