Deuteronomy 10:12-21 – REMINDERS

Some people tie a string around their finger. Others write themselves a note.  Others say to someone else “Remind me to…”  God gives us reminders in His Word. Our text contains three such reminders.

We are to remember: 

THE GRACE OF GOD – Vss. 14-15

God chose Israel above all nations. God has chosen you and I above all people, if we are born again Christians. It is us who are the children of God (John 1:12). We did nothing to deserve this. It is all God’s grace, unmerited favor. 

GOODNESS FOR GOD – Vss. 12-13, 16

Because Israel belonged to God, she, as a nation was to act accordingly.  As Christians we are to act as the children of God.

We should live out these verses in our lives today. 


Israel had experienced God’s greatness. As a result, Israel was to be motivated to behave as God would have her to behave.  Because of God’s greatness to us, we too, should motivated to behave like His children..