Deuteronomy 1:19-46 – REFUSING GOD’S BEST 

Very often our lives are miserable because we refuse to accept what God knows is best for our lives.  This is exactly what the Children of Israel did as they were on the verge of entering The Promise Land.  Moses reviews the sad story. 

REQUIREMENT – Vss. 19-21

The children of Israel were required to go in and possess the land that God had given them. They were not to fear nor be discouraged. 


At the peoples’ request spies were commissioned to go in and search the land. 

REVOLT – Vss. 26-33

In spite of the goodness of the land, the people revolted against the plan of going into the land because of the report of the majority of spies. Their biggest problem is summed up in Deut. 1:32 – Yet in this thing ye did not believe the Lord your God, 

REBUKE – Vss. 34-40

The generation that refused to believe God and possess the land never entered the Land with the exception of Caleb and Joshua. They were to continue to take their journey, one that lasted 40 years.


The people tried to enter the land instead of accepting God’s judgment.  The effort was a failure.