There was a time when there was a problem with a teacher in a Sunday School Class. He needed to be replaced for the good of the class. I was a layman in the class and confronted the teacher. I only caused hard feelings. My pastor came to the rescue and managed to have the man resign and replace him with another teacher. My pastor certainly showed his ability to solve problems. By the way the teacher that was replaced is still a very good friend of mine.

Every one of us has the need to be able to solve problems. Although we can’t truly solve problems without the Lord’s help, He does provide with skills that we can use to see difficulties resolved.

As Nehemiah was leading in the rebuilding of the wall, a problem came up. Nehemiah used his problem-solving skills in order to see the matter resolved. When problems come, we should imitate Nehemiah’s problem-solving skills.

1. KNOW THE PROBLEM – Vss. 1-5

Nehemiah listened thoroughly to the complaint before he made any decision.

2. HAVE A PROCEDURE – Vss. 6-13

He Considered – Vs. 7a – He thought before he talked or acted.

He Confronted – Vss. 7b-11

He got a Commitment – Vss. 12-13


Nehemiah did not take advantage of others although he could have. He set a positive example of how others should behave. He was not guilty of the same sin that he was confronting others about.