Matthew 6:24-25 – PRIORITIES

If a husband left on a hunting trip just as wife started labor pains, we’d say the man had his priorities mixed up. If an employee lies to get ahead in the company, and does not tell the truth, we’d say that person has his priorities mixed up. When Christians put their own well being ahead of serving God, Jesus says they have their priorities mixed up.

CAUTION Vss. 24-25

1. No Man Can Serve Two Masters Vs. 24

2. Life Is More Important Than Food And Clothes Vs. 25


1. Consider The Fowls Of The Air Vs. 26

2. Consider Your Height (Worry can’t change it.) Vs. 27

3. Consider The Lilies Vss. 28-30


1. Don’t Worry About Tomorrow Vss. 31,32,34

2. Seek God’s Kingdom Today Vs. 33