We are called upon to live holy lives. 1 Peter 1:15-16

This Psalm shows some practical ways to practice holiness.

MY SONG – Vs. 1

My song of praise is to be directed to the Lord and will include mention of His mercy and judgment.

MY STEPS – Vs. 2

I am to walk with a perfect heart. My house is a private place. If I can walk before God with a perfect heart in private, I can also walk before God with a perfect heart in public.

MY SIGHT – Vss. 3, 6

My eyes are to turn away from the sight of wickedness (Place this verse on top of your television and see if your viewing habits change!) Vs. 3

My eyes are also to be centered on the righteous. They are to be my friends. They will not lead me astray.

MY SEPARATION – Vss. 4,5,7,8

Separated from wicked people – Vs. 4, 8

Separated from slanderers and the proud – Vs. 5

Separated from the deceitful – Vs. 6