This is a Bible Study. Look over the Scriptures and ask the questions,


  • What is your understanding of the value of the Cross of Christ?
  • Why is understanding the Cross essential for Christians?

In this study we are we are looking at events that point to the Cross of Christ. Understanding these is important!

POIGNANT PROPHECY – Matthew 26:1-2, Isaiah 53

  • What verse in Isaiah 53 thrills or challenges you?

SCANDALOUS SCHEME – Matthew 26:3-5, 14-16, Luke 22:1-6, John 11:45-54

  • Is it possible for a true Christian to betray Jesus as Judas did?
  • How is Judas’ behavior a warning to us as believers?

BETHANY BLESSING – Matthew 26:6-13, John 12:1-8

  • How will an appreciative heart affect our behavior towards Jesus?
  • Why do you think that Judas went out and betrayed Jesus right after this event?

PASSOVER PREPARATION – Matthew 26:17-19, Luke 22:7-13

  • What do the reliability of Jesus’ instructions teach us?
  • Is it ever safe to disobey God’s Word?

WOEFUL WARNING – Matthew 26:20-25, John 13:21-30

  • What indications are there that Jesus loved Judas?
  • How does Jesus feel when we ignore or disobey Him?

MEMORIAL MEAL – Matthew 26:26-30, 1 Corinthians 11:23-26

  • What about this account makes you want to be more sensitive to the Lord’s Table?

STARTLING STATEMENTS – Matthew 26:31-35, Luke 22:31-34

  • When do we tend to think of ourselves as more committed to Christ than we actually are?
  • How do Jesus’ words in Luke 22:31-34 encourage you?