2 Kings 5 – PEOPLE

The Story of Naaman tells us lots of things about people! 

GREAT PEOPLE HAVE FLAWS – Vs. 1 – Naaman was great in the eyes of his master, but he had leprosy. 

HUMBLE PEOPLE HAVE IMPACT – Vss. 2-5 – This poor little maid was rich in faith, and that changed things. 

IMPORTANT PEOPLE PANIC – Vss. 6-7 – The King of Israel was terrified. 

GOD’S PEOPLE ACT – Vss. 8-10 – Elisha came to the rescue by taking responsibility for Naaman’s healing. 

PROUD PEOPLE REBEL – Vss. 11-12 – Naaman was too proud to wash in the Jordon River. 

REASONABLE PEOPLE INTERVENE – Vs. 13 – Naaman’s servants were able to reason with their master. 

HUMBLED PEOPLE ARE HEALED – Vss. 14-19A – Naaman was healed physically and Spiritually. 

GREEDY PEOPLE DECEIVE – Vss. 19B-27 – Gehazi became rich by lying, but the penalty was permanent leprosy.