The children of Israel were ready to enter into The Promised Land.  All of a sudden an issue came up that caused great concern.  How it was resolved is a good lesson in peaceful resolution. 

PETITION – Vss. 1-4

Two tribes wanted to stay on the side of the Jordan River that was already conquered. They had much cattle, and the land was suitable for raising livestock. 

PROTEST – Vss. 6-15

Moses was concerned that this meant that the two tribes would not help conquer The Promised Land.

This would hurt morale.  He sited the rebellion of the Children of Israel forty years earlier an example to heed. 

PROPOSAL – Vss. 16-19

The two tribes proposed building sheepfolds for their livestock and then joining the invasion of The Promised Land.  They would not return home until Israel was done conquering. 

PACT – Vss. 20-32

It was agreed that the two tribes would build their sheepfolds and get their families settled. Then they would go forward armed to help conquer the enemy.

 PREPARATION – Vss. 33-42

Joined by the half tribe of Manasseh, the two tribes made the needed preparations to take care of their families. They then joined the rest of the people in conquering The Promised Land.