1 Kings 1 – OLD AND NEW

David was at the end of his life. It was a time for a new king to take over. It was a time for experiencing things old and new.

OLD KING – Vss. 1-4

It was obvious to all that old age had caught up with David.

OLD PROBLEM – Vss. 5-9

David had once dealt with a rebellious son Absalom. Now Absalom’s brother, Adonijah, decided that he was going to usurp the throne that was intended for Solomon.

OLD FRIENDS – Vss. 10-27

Nathan the Prophet and Bathsheba, David’s wife, made an appeal to David. It was their intervention that saved the day. Thank the Lord for old friends!

NEW KING – Vss. 28-20

Steps were taken to anoint Solomon king before Adonijah could take over.

NEW PANIC – Vss. 41-50

Those involved in the insurrection were terrified when Solomon actually took power. They were now in a position of rebellion and Solomon had every right to take action against them.

NEW MERCY – Vss. 50-53

Solomon showed mercy to his brother for the time being.