In Exodus 3-4, The Lord appears in a burning bush to Moses and tells him to return to Egypt and lead Israel out of bondage and into the Promised Land. Moses was reluctant to make excuses. In these verses Moses is raising objections to going and the Lord was answering him. Please understand that I am paraphrasing some of what the Lord and Moses said.

MOSES SAID: “They will not believe me!” Exodus 4:1

THE LORD SAID: “I will give you proof!” Exodus 4:2-9

  • The rod turned into a snake. Exodus 4:2-5
  • The leprous hand. Exodus 4:6-7
  • The water turned into blood. Exodus 4:8-9

MOSES SAID: “I am not eloquent (A good speaker)! Exodus 4:10

THE LORD SAID: “I will be with you and teach you.” Exodus 4:11-12

MOSES SAID: “Send someone else.” Exodus 4:13

THE LORD SAID (WITH ANGER): “I am sending help. Get going!” Exodus 4:14-17

  • “Aaron is on the way. He can speak well.” Exodus 4:14
  • “I will teach you what you shall say. You will teach Aaron.” Exodus 4:15
  • “Aaron will be your spokesman.” Exodus 4:16
  • “Take your rod.” (The implication is God is saying, “Go!”) Exodus 4:17

Moses went! – Exodus 4:18