Matthew 11:28-30 etc. – MORE THAN FRINGE 

One of the key parts of any job are the “fringe benefits”.  These are the things that you get as compensation for you job that are not reflected in the base salary.  Fringe benefits would include hospitalization, housing allowance, a car, club memberships, and a host of other things.  These have been called “fringe benefits”, but today many of these benefits, such as hospitalization, are more than fringe, they are essential! 

The benefits that come with being a Christian are “more than fringe”.

They are things which God blesses with besides forgiveness and eternal life.

Some of these more than fringe benefits include: 

REST – Matthew 11:28 

REASSURANCE – John 10:27-30 

RESPONSIBILITY – Matthew 4:4, Luke 9:23-24, Romans 12:1-2

The responsibilities of being fishers of men and disciples are actually great privileges. 

REFRESHMENT – Isaiah 44:3, Matthew 5:6 


  • God’s Spirit – John 14:16-18
  • God’s Guidance – Psalm 32:8
  • God’s Protection and Strength – Psalm 27:5-6, Isaiah 41:10, 40:31