INTRODUCTION – Exodus 19:1-3 – The Children of Israel had left Egypt and were about to see a demonstration of God’s power and holiness on Mt. Sinai.

A REMINDER – Exodus 19:4 – God reminds them that of how He dealt with Egypt in awesome power. He reminds them that He bore them on “eagles wings” and brought them to Himself.

A PROMISE – Exodus 19:5-6 – If the Children of Israel obeyed God’s voice and kept His covenant, they would be a special people, a Kingdom of priests and an holy nation. But they had to obey perfectly! By grace and salvation through the work of Christ on the cross, Christians are these exact same things. It couldn’t be earned. It had to be by faith. 1 Peter 2:9-10.

A COMMITMENT – Exodus 19:7-8 – Israel made a commitment that was impossible for them to keep.   

A PREPARATION – Exodus 19:9-15 – The Children of Israel were to sanctify themselves and stay clear of God’s Holy Mountain.

A REVELATION – Exodus 19:16-20 – God revealed Himself in all His glory to the people.

A REQUIREMENT – Exodus 19:21-25 – God reminds Israel and us that we can approach Him in our righteousness, because we are not righteous enough.

I believe that God is showing us His holiness and our inability to be holy. The only way we can be holy is through trusting in His Son who died for us so we may be forgiven and holy through the Lord Jesus Christ.