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You have probably appreciated times when someone has prayed for you in your presence.  You have also appreciated knowing that others were praying for you and situations that concern you.

And here is an even more comforting thought.  If you are a Christian the Lord Jesus has prayed for you, does pray for you and will pray for you. Hebrews 7:24-25, Hebrews 4:14-15

Christian, do you know what the first record we have of Jesus praying for you is?  It is in the next passage in our series on the Life of Christ.

Although verses 11-19 specifically have the disciples in view, I feel that it can be implied that Jesus’ requests are the same for us as well. So in verses 11-24 we see that Jesus prayed for you!

Vs. 1 – Jesus teaches us something about prayer here.  When Jesus prayed, he asked that He, as the Son, would glorify the Father in this His hour. The hour was the hour of his betrayal, arrest, trial, death, burial, resurrection, and ascension.

Vs. 2 – The ultimate glory was that was in His giving eternal life to all those who have or will trust Him as Savior.

Vs. 3 – We have an explanation of the eternal life that Jesus gives to those who believe.  If you know the Lord Jesus, you know God.  It you know God, you know the Lord Jesus. John 14:6 

Vs. 4 – The Lord Jesus glorified God the Father on the earth.  He brought glory to God’s name.

How did Jesus do this? Simply by doing the work which God gave Him to do!

How will we glorify God on the earth?  Simply by doing the work that He gave us to do.

Vs. 5 – Although Jesus had glory while he walked the earth, he had voluntarily limited the glory that he displayed while here.  It was time for Him, as an obedient son having completed His task to be dressed once again in His heavenly glory.

Now, having talked to the Father about His own situation, He directs His thoughts towards praying for the Eleven, and all that have followed them, including us.  These are things that God is doing or will do for us.

Vs. 6 – Notice that like the disciples, we are taken from the world’s way of doing things to belong to the Lord Jesus.

We are His possession because we are God’s possession. And notice the distinguishing point about disciples, “They have kept thy Word.”

A true believer keeps God’s Word.  He or she is not perfect, but gives indication of their faith by their obedience.


Vs. 11 – One of the great problems many Christians have had with their salvation is thinking that they could lose that salvation.

One reason why people think that they can lose their salvation is because they think that staying saved is up to them!

Getting saved was the work of God. Ephesians 2:1, 8-9

As this prayer by Jesus indicates, staying saved is also the work of God.  Jesus was leaving this world and asked that God would …keep through thine own name those whom thou hast given me…

To the Jewish people a name was important.  The name of a person was to be a reflection of their character.

So when Jesus asks God to keep us by His name.  He is asking that we be kept by the character of God.

And remember this, one of the characteristics or attributes of God is that He is all powerful. John 10:27-30

Vs. 12 – When Jesus was here He worked at keeping His disciples.  The one that was not kept, Judas, was never a believer in the first place.

Judas was not a child of God as the other disciples were. He was the “son of perdition”.

Vs. 14 – Jesus had given the disciples and us God’s Word.

If we have truly trusted Jesus Christ as our Savior, we have trusted His Word.

The world hated Jesus because Jesus was not of this world.  The world hates Christians because we are of another world, Heaven because we belong to Jesus.

Vs. 15 – Wouldn’t it be nice if the moment we got saved, we just went to Heaven?

That’s not God’s plan. The plan is that we who know Jesus Christ as Savior will witness to those who do not know Him.  So, God, doesn’t remove us from the world but He keeps us from evil, or as it might also be translated, “the evil one”.

There is only so much that Satan can do. Satan can not take us away from Jesus or God.  Oh, He would like to, but God won’t let Him!

I have one last thought before we move on.  In some cases it appears that a person has lost their salvation.  They claim to be saved, and might even show some change, and then they fall back permanently into a life of sin.  I don’t feel that person was ever saved in the first place.

The person who is truly saved is kept by God.



Vs. 16 – Much of our anxiety would be removed if we simply accepted this truth.

Jesus was not of this world.  The things that often matter in this world like position, wealth, control, and personal comfort didn’t matter to Him.

Jesus is from Heaven. Jesus is God.

You, if you know the Lord Jesus as Savior are not of this world.  This world is just a temporary residence.  You are actually a citizen of Heaven. Philippians 3:20

Vs. 17 – The word “sanctify” and the word “holy” are the same word in Greek. Someone who is holy is set apart. God is Holy. He is set apart from sin.

The moment we trusted Jesus Christ, we became “holy” or “set apart”. The word translated “saint” is also from the same root word.  As Christians we are “saints”.  God has set us apart for Him. We are holy in our position, because we have been set apart for Him in Christ.

And I want to remind you that we are not only holy in our position as Christians, but we are to be holy in our practice as Christians. 1 Peter 1:15-16

Do you wonder how you can possibly live a holy life?

A good start to the holy life is taking seriously what Jesus says here, “THY WORD IS TRUTH!”

The more I read, study, memorize, and meditate on the Word, the more I will obey the Word.  The more I obey the Word the more holy in practice I will be.

Vs. 18 – Jesus was sent by the Father into the world to save the World.  Jesus sends us into the world with the message of that salvation.

Vs. 19 – Jesus set himself apart for us. He lived His life in this world for us.  He now lives in Heaven interceding for us!


Vs. 20 – Now Jesus specifically mentions us.  He is asking specifically for all Christians.

Vs. 21 – God the Father and God the Son are one as parts of the Trinity.  They are one although they are unique in personality.

Jesus prayed that we also would be one.  This unity is not a unity of behavior, not a unity of denominations, not is it a unity of personality.  Christians are not clones.

Christians are to be unified in Spirit, the Holy Spirit. Philippians 2:1-4

Christians are to be unified in their love for Christ and for each other. John 13:34-35

Vs. 22-23 – Jesus enables us to be unified. As we practice abiding in Christ and Him in us the world is going to take notice.

As each Christian practices being in Christ, they will also practice being on the same “wave length” as other Christians. They will be unified in Spirit!    


Here is a prayer that God still answers for Jesus every day!

Every time a believer dies this prayer is answered!

The Lord Jesus is in Heaven.

Every time a Christian dies He or She goes to Heaven. 2 Corinthians 5:8

And what will we do in Heaven?

We will behold the eternal glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

It’s okay to cry when we lose a loved one.

But let’s also remember that we weep for ourselves.

We have not reason to weep for the person who knows Jesus as Savior!

We maybe should be a little jealous!

He’s basking in the glory of the Lord Jesus!

We’re still stuck here.

Jesus prayed for you!

Every one of these prayers has been answered is answered every day!