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Life of Christ #19 of 61 

Now I have a question for you. How much are you like the twelve?

Now I don’t mean, are you impetuous like Peter, or fiery like James and John, or a soul-winner like Andrew.

But there were characteristics true of the twelve who Jesus called Apostles. The exception, of course, was Judas, but he was replaced with a faithful man named Matthias. These same characteristics should be true of you and of me.


Luke 6:12-13And it came to pass in those days, that he went out into a mountain to pray, and continued all night in prayer to God. [13] And when it was day, he called unto him his disciples: and of them he chose twelve, whom also he named apostles;

While on earth, Jesus as a man limited his own abilities as God.  He did not exercise all of His qualities all the time as God.  Instead he acted as the perfect man who was in total submission to His Heavenly Father.

I believe that Jesus spent the whole night in prayer because He was going to chose twelve men who would impact the world. He needed to make the right choice, and therefore prayed it through.

When we have important choices to make, we should spend protracted times in prayer.

Every one of these twelve men was chosen of God, even Judas.

For Scripture to be fulfilled there needed to be a Judas.

Every true Christian is chosen.

Before I explain that statement, let me explain what a true Christian is.

A true Christian is one who understands that he or she is a sinner not worthy or Heaven but worthy of punishment. Romans 3:10-12, 23, Ezekiel 18:4

A true Christian is one who realizes that somebody had to bear our punishment for sin in order for us to have forgiveness and eternal life in Heaven.

That someone is Jesus, the sinless Son of God.  He “took the rap” for us.  He died in our place. Colossians 2:13-14

A true Christian, at a specific moment in time, has put their trust in Christ alone for salvation in Christ. Ephesians 2:8-9

A true Christian has had his life changed by Jesus Christ. 2 Corinthians 5:17

Are you a true Christian because your faith is in Christ alone? Every true Christian is chosen. Ephesians 1:3-4

Imagine yourself walking on the road of life.  Over to the side you see a gate saying, “Whosoever will may come.” You come through the gate placing your faith in Christ.

On the other side of the gate, you see something else written, “Chosen in Him before the foundation of the world.”

The twelve were chosen, for the 11 that were truly Christ’s, they were chosen in him before the foundation of the world, and so were you if you have trusted Christ as Savior.

The twelve were also chosen to a life of good works. The Lord Jesus had a plan for their lives that involved doing good for the honor and glory of God.

He has that same plan for you. Ephesians 2:10

Jesus plan for the twelve was the doing of good works.

In their case the good works included healing the sick and casting out demons.

I believe that Jesus’ plan for us includes some of the following as good works:

  • Helping those with financial needs – James 2:15-16
  • Doing good works also involves Visiting in hospitals and prisons. Matthew 25:34-40
  • Doing good works involves encouraging others.

Hebrews 10:24-25Doing good works involves helping others. Titus 2:13-14 

Another thing that I want you to note about being chosen is that God had chosen The Twelve to a specific job, that of Apostle.

God has a specific job for each of us.

He has chosen you to do certain things at certain times in your life.


Vs. 14 – All the disciples were called together by Jesus and He appointed or ordained twelve.  The ones who were chosen were called and appointed. Jesus had chosen The Twelve He revealed it to them.

We are called as well. Whatever God has chosen you to do; He will call you to do it.  He will let you know what it is.

Some calls from God are obvious.

You are called to be a loving husband or an obedient wife.

You are called to be a responsible parent or a dutiful child.

You are called to be an honest employer or a reliable employee.

You are called to love your neighbor as yourself.

Some calls are less obvious, but God will lead you to them.

He will guide you from within by the Holy Spirit.

He will guide you from above with the reading and preaching of the Word.

He will guide you from without with the encouragement and suggestions of others.

Sometimes, when God calls you do to something, you will wonder how you will ever accomplish this.  But if God calls you, he will enable you.


Vs. 14 – I doubt that the Apostles fully appreciated this, but they were to learn from Jesus being with Jesus.

They were to be His companions.

  • They walked with the Son of God.
  • They talked with the Son of God.
  • They were taught by the Son of God.
  • They witnessed the Son of God at work.
  • They were protégés to the Son of God


Vs. 14 – Jesus was going to send them forth to preach. He would command them.

Jesus’ position before The Twelve was Lord and Master.

Jesus’ position before you and I is Lord and Master. John 13:13

Jesus had authority over the Apostles and expected them to obey.

Jesus has authority over you and me if we have claimed Jesus as Savior.

If you have claimed Him to be Savior, He is to be your Lord.

Obeying the Lord Jesus is more important than obeying anyone else. John 14:15, Luke 6:46


When Jesus rose from the dead he gave the twelve the ultimate commission: Matthew 28:19-20

This commission was not only for the Twelve but it is for the Church.

  • The Twelve have started the work, but you and I must continue.
  • Who in your family needs to hear the Gospel?
  • Who in your neighborhood needs to hear the Gospel?
  • Who on your job needs to hear the Gospel?
  • Who in your state and in this country needs to hear the Gospel?
  • Who in the world needs to hear the Gospel?

Jesus commissioned us to go to someone with the Gospel.

Who has He commissioned you to go to?

If you are a true Christian, you are like the twelve: