• The wisest thing anyone ever does is to trust the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior. Proverbs 9:10, Romans 3:18-24
  • After making that wisest of decisions, we need to live wisely as Christ-followers, the disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ. This is a life-long process. Philippians 3:8-15, 1 John 3:2-3, 2 Peters 3:18
  • Proverbs 2 is a great blueprint (plan) for living wisely.

THE PURSUIT OF WISDOM – Proverbs 2:1-4

  • God’s Word must be received and remembered. Vs. 1
  • God’s Word must be desired and applied (practiced). Vs. 2
  • God’s Word must a top priority, of utmost importance. Vss. 3-4


  • Learning wisdom through learning God’s Word has much potential for living wisely.
  • Because the Lord gives wisdom from his mouth (God’s Word), which includes knowledge and understanding, those who pursue it “understand the fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of God.” Vss. 5-6
  • God has stored up wisdom for the upright, protecting them, and watching over them. Vss.7-8
  • God gives understanding of life essentials (The most important things.). Vs. 9

THE PRACTICE OF WISDOM – Proverbs 2:10-19

  • When we truly love wisdom and knowledge through God’s Word, we will be preserved and protected from the influences that would cause us to practice sin. Vss. 10-11
  • We will be delivered from practicing the ways of evil as outlined in verses 12-19.
  • Although nobody is sinless, the Christ-follower is to keep short accounts with God, confessing sin, and not hindering the work of the Holy Spirit in his/her life. 1 John 1:8-10, Ephesians 4:30-32


  • Walking in the “way of good men” which is the way of Godly Christian living. Vs. 20
  • This land is not our permanent home. We look for a better, permanent land, as did Abraham. Vs. 21, Hebrews 11:10, John 14:1-6, Revelation 21:1-7
  • The wicked, those who did not trust the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior, face eternal punishment and separation from God. Vs. 22, Revelation 1:8, John 3:36