BE AVAILABLE – Vss. 1-10

Samuel thought that he heard Eli calling.

When Eli perceived that Samuel was being called by the Lord he gave some great advice.

Eli Samuel to say “Speak Lord, for thy servant heareth.”

We must be available to hear from God through prayer, Bible reading, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. 

BE ATTENTIVE – Vss. 11-14

God gave Samuel specific information. Samuel had to pay attention so that he would get the message straight. As we pay attention as we read God’s word, pray, and hear God’s Word preached and taught, we will have our own message from God straight. 

BE AN ANNOUNCER – Vss. 15-18

Samuel was encouraged by Eli to tell all him all that God had said.

We should be willing to announce what God has taught us. 

BE ACCURATE – Vss. 19-21

Samuel’s information was always reliable because he shared exactly what God had told him. May the words we share from God be equally as accurate.