• Before the birth of Jesus came the birth of John the Baptist, his predecessor. to announce the coming of Jesus. (Luke 3:1-20)
  • The greatest birth miracle ever was the birth of the Lord Jesus because He is the Son of God.
  • The birth of John was also a miracle, because a very old couple who were well beyond the child-bearing years when he was born.
  • When God does something, he always does what is right!
  • The events surrounding the birth of John the Baptist, were “Just Right!”


  • Zacharias and Elizabeth were a Godly, righteous couple before God.
  • Elizabeth was “barren” and they were supposed to be too old to have children. They were “Just Right” for demonstrating God’s power.
  • God will sometimes take impossible situations and use them to demonstrate His power and greatness.

THE RIGHT TIME – Luke 1:8-11

  • There were so many priests in Israel, that it is possible that Zacharias only got to burn incense inside “The Holy Place” in the temple once in a lifetime.
  • Because it was time for God to use Zacharias and Elizabeth, Zacharias was appointed to burn incense when God wanted his Angel, Gabriel, to appear to Him.
  • God will also allow things to happen in your life at just the right time.

THE RIGHT MESSAGE – Luke 1:12-17

  • At just the right time Zacharias was told of the coming birth and ministry of his Son.
  • God will reveal things to you in your life at just the right time that you need to hear them.

THE RIGHT SIGN – Luke 1:18-20

  • The message seemed to be too incredible to believe, so he asked for a sign that these things would come to pass.
  • Angel Gabriel rebuke Zacharias for his unbelief.
  • The sign he received was that he himself would be deaf and dumb until the child was born and named. It was just the right sign because of his unbelief.
  • We must be careful that we not deny the promises of God when they clearly apply to us in His Word.


  • Zacharias knew what to do. By faith he went home and once again had sexual relations with his wife.
  • The right response for us when we know what to do is to be obedient. We should always strive to obey God’s Word.

THE RIGHT RESULT – Luke 1:24-25

  • Elizabeth conceived, thus fulfilling God’s plan.
  • When we obey God, we will fulfill God’s will in our lives and end up doing what is “Just Right!”