2 Chronicles 17 – TIPS FROM A GODLY MAN

From time to time I have given tributes to Godly men and women. Often, at funerals, I have been able to share good, honest words about Christians who have passed on. When I was pastor of another church I wrote a column fairly often for the local newspaper. In that column I wrote at least one tribute to my Dad. It’s nice when people can say nice things about those we love. It’s also nice when, at times, people say nice things about us.

We should not live to receive tributes. When we live Godly lives tributes will come.

One of the tributes found in God’s word is given to King Jehoshaphat in 2 Chronicles 17:3, “And the Lord was with Jehoshaphat…”

The Lord was with Jehoshaphat to guide, encourage, help, protect and preserve. I know that the Lord Jesus is never going to leave or forsake any Christian (Hebrews 13:5). But when I think of the Lord Jesus being with Jehoshaphat, or being with me, I think of Him doing everything He can to be on our side. The Lord will do everything He can to be on my side, when I do everything I can to be on His side. As I walk in such a way as to please Him, He is free to do all in His power to be with me. (See Psalm 66:18, Ephesians 4:30 and 1 Thessalonians 5:19-22)

What a great tribute it will be when we pass from this scene if people can say of us “The Lord was with him.” Jehoshaphat, by his example, gives us some tips for Godly living.

WALK AFTER A GODLY EXAMPLE – 2 Chronicles 17:3 – He followed the example of David. We should follow the Godly examples of those in the Bible and those we know who are dedicated Christians.

WALK IN GOD’S COMMANDMENTS – 2 Chronicles 17:4 b – Jehoshaphat followed the commandments of God. We should do the same.

SEEK GOD’S FACE – 2 Chronicles 17:4, 6 a – See Psalm 27:4,8.

ACT IN GOD’S BEHALF – 2 Chronicles 17:6  b – Jehoshaphat removed places of false worship. There are actions we can take in God’s behalf to promote Godliness.

SHARE GOD’S WORD – 2 Chronicles 17:7-9 – Jehoshaphat supported the teaching of God’s Word. We do the same when we support our churches, support missionaries, and when we distribute God’s Word and tracts to others.

ENJOY GOD’S BLESSINGS – 2 Chronicles 17:10-19 – God blessed Jehoshaphat. He will bless us too, as we seek to please Him. Many of our blessings will be Spiritual in nature.