1 Samuel 9:1-10:8 – IN TOUCH WITH GOD

Samuel was a man of God who was in constant communication with God.

This passage shows us what will be true of a person who is in touch with God.


Israel had demanded a king in 1 Samuel 8.

In these verses we are introduced to the king that God had chosen for Israel at this time. We see how God brought him into Samuel’s life.

A man in touch with God:

KNOWS THE TIME – 9:15-16

When a person is in touch with God, he will know when it is time to do things. Ephesians 5:15-17

KNOWS PEOPLE – 9:17-20

The more we spend time with God the more we will understand people. He helps us to understand human nature in general, and individuals in particular. In this case, Samuel was being shown the person that God had chosen to be the next king.


The person in touch with God knows what His role is in God’s plans. Samuel’s role was to anoint Saul as King.


The person in touch with God has a good understanding of God’s plans. Although you and I will not predict the future as Samuel did here, our time with God will help us grasp what He intends to do. Such understanding comes from study of God’s Word and prayer.