Isaiah 12:1-6 – IN THAT DAY

Isaiah 12 is a Psalm.

It is a response to the description of the Millennial Kingdom described in Isaiah 11.

For Israel, “That day” refers to the millennial reign of Christ.

For us, “That day” can also refer to the day of salvation. If we are saved, these truths apply to us right now.


1. Peace with God – Vs. 1 – God was angry because of sin. He was angry with Israel’s sin and our sin (Isaiah 59:1-2). The anger with Israel will no longer exist during the Millennium. God’s anger with us ended when we placed our faith in Christ. Romans 5:1

2. Peace of God – Vs. 2 – “God is my salvation.” This is true on a permanent basis the moment a person trusts Christ as Savior. It is also true on a daily basis. We can trust the God who provided such great salvation to continue to keep, protect, strengthen, gladden, and defend us.

3. Power of God – Vs. 3 – There is strength in joy. In Christ we have continual joy! Nehemiah 8:10

Israel will have continual joy in the Millennium.


1. SHARING – Vs. 4 – Others are invited to join in the praise of the Lord and to share what he has done for us with others. It is our job to share the Good News!

2. SINGING – Vs. 5 – We are to be a people of praise. Israel will continually praise God during the Millennium. We can sing right now! Ephesians 5:19

3. SHOUTING – Vs. 6 – We should be excited because of God’s greatness. We are not suggesting that our enthusiasm should be out of control, but most of us could be more excited about the Lord than we are.