• Just imagine a man.
  • Just imagine a little man who is pleasingly plump.
  • Just imagine a little old man with white hair and a white beard who is pleasingly plump.
  • Just imagine a little old man in a red and white suit, with a red and white hat with white hair and a white beard who is pleasingly plump.
  • Just imagine a jovial little old man in a red and white suit, with a red and white hat with white hair and a white beard who is pleasingly plump.
  • Just imagine a jovial little old man in a red and white suit, with a red and white hat with white hair and a white beard who is pleasingly plump who shows up every Christmas!
  • We have just imagined SANTA CLAUS!
  • Well, imagine that!

Now on a serious note, you can imagine Santa Claus who is a  fictitious character. Now I want you to come back with me 2,000 years to the true story which we just read in Luke 2:26-38 and just imagine!

Just Imagine a Heavenly Visitor – Vs. 26

  • Imagine Gabriel, a messenger angel who stands in God’s presence (Luke 1:19), ready to do his bidding and carry His message.
  • He is being sent to Galilee, an area in the north to a little hamlet that was so obscure and off the beaten track that it wasn’t mentioned in the Old Testament.
  • Imagine God knowing this place and those who lived there. Imagine Him knowing everyone where you live!

Just Imagine a Humble Virgin – Vs. 27

  • Imagine a young peasant woman, named Mary, barely past being a girl, who is still a virgin somewhere between 12-15 years old.
  • Imagine her already betrothed to another peasant, a descendant of David, the town carpenter, named Joseph. They are considered “married” even though they had not yet consummated the marriage and were not living together.
  • Just imagine God knowing them intimately as he does you.

Just Imagine a Gracious Message – Vss. 28-33

  • 28 – Imagine Gabriel, somehow making it obvious he was an angelic being, coming to Mary when she was by herself, and saying, “Rejoice highly favored one, the Lord is with you!”
  • Imagine Mary’s surprise when she discovers that she’s found unmerited favor in God’s eyes, and in some special way, the Lord was with her!
  • 29 – Imagine Mary being troubled wondering why she was being visited by an angel, and just what these words meant.
  • 30 – Imagine Mary being comforted by Gabriel with soft tones, assuring her she had nothing to fear. She had found favor with God. That favor was not earned but given freely at God’s prerogative.
  • This is the same type of favor we receive when we accept God’s free gift of salvation through the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, God’s Son.
  • 31 – Imagine the marvelous message for Mary here. She would conceive in her womb and bear a son, who would be called Jesus, “Jehovah, or Yahweh, saves!” Later, she would proclaim “My Spirit has rejoiced in God my Savior”. (Luke 1:47)
  • 32 – Imagine Mary’s awe, as she was told that her Son would be called the “Son of the Highest”, the Son of God.
  • Imagine her striving to understand as she was further told that the Lord God would give her Son the Throne of his ancestor David. He would be “David’s greater Son”, the Messiah.
  • 33 – Imagine how mind boggling it was that her Son would reign for all eternity!

Just Imagine a Practical Question – Vs. 34

  • Just imagine Mary, not doubting the words of the angel, but trying to understand how this was going to happen, since she was a virgin?
  • She asks, “How can this be, since I do not know a man?”

Just Imagine an Amazing Answer – Vss. 35-37

  • 35 – Imagine being told that God’s Holy Spirit Himself was going to come upon her. It would be He who implanted the seed of God into her.
  • Imagine the power of the highest coming over her. This would not involve the human effort and enjoyment that produces one of our children. I believe that Mary felt the fulness of the Holy Spirit upon her.
  • The end result would be a Holy One, the very Son of God.
  • 36 – Imagine Zacharias doubted and asked for a sign. Mary believed and was given a sign. She was told of her older cousin, Elizabeth, the one called “barren” was in her sixth month of pregnancy.
  • 37 – Just imagine the assurance God gave Mary. Nothing was impossible with God. The God who gave Elizabeth a child in her old age, would give Mary a child without sexual relations.

Just Imagine a Trusting Response – Vs. 38

  • Just imagine Mary, humbly submitting as God’s slave to do and to bear whatever was coming next. Not only giving birth to God’s son and raising him but enduring the misunderstanding and ridicule that would follow her in some places all her days.
  • Just imagine Mary trusting that God was in control and would see her through the days ahead.
  • Just imagine! Imagine that!

How does this apply to us?

  • Just imagine God showing his grace on you, sending His Son into the world who existed for all eternity.
  • Just imagine God’s love for you in allowing Him to be Jesus, the Savior who died for your sins, of which you and I have many.
  • Just imagine God convicting you that you are not good enough to go to Heaven but need forgiveness for your sins.
  • Just imagine confessing that you are a sinner who needs a Savior, and that Savior is Jesus.
  • Just imagine God giving you total forgiveness as you trust Jesus as your Savior.
  • Just imagine God changing your life so that you can live for Him as a new creature in Christ.
  • Just imagine the debt of loving service we owe to Him who died for us!
  • Just imagine! Imagine that!