In Matthew 18:21, Peter asks Jesus a question about forgiveness. He thought forgiving someone seven times was generous. 

IMMENSE RESPONSIBILITY – Vs, -22 – Jesus probably shocked Peter with His answer. “Seventy times seven” implies unlimited forgiveness!

IMPOSSIBLE DEBT – Vss. 23-25 – Jesus tells a parable about a servant who had a debt that was impossible for Him to pay.

IMMEASURABLE FORGIVENESS – Vss. 26-27 – The servant begs for mercy, and the king in the story forgives the servant’s whole debt.

IMPROPER BEHAVIOR – Vss. 28-30 – The servant then faces a similar situation and refuses to forgive a fellow servant’s debt and has him thrown in prison.

IMMEDIATE JUDGMENT – Vss. 31-34 – Other servants reported the unkind servant’s bad behavior to the King, who promptly had him thrown in prison.

IMPORTANT MORAL – Vs. 35 – Our heavenly Father will judge those who do not forgive the sins of others from the heart.