Matthew 13:53-58 -HOMETOWN REJECTION

When I was a senior in high school I applied to two colleges. Paterson State was in my hometown of Wayne, NJ and Glassboro State, which was in the Southern part of the state. I got the idea that people thought that Glassboro was a pretty good school, but “If you can’t go to college, go to Paterson State,” was the attitude about the hometown school.

I went to Glassboro, and over the years found that people in that area thought that Paterson State was a pretty good school. I also heard it said, “If you can’t go to college, go to Glassboro State.” The hometown schools got no respect.

Unfortunately, our Lord Jesus Christ ran into a similar problem. Even though he was well received in other places, the hometown rejected him.

MINDLESS OFFENSE – Vss. 53-57a – They were offended by Jesus for no good reason at all.

MEANINGFUL OBSERVATION – Vs. 57b – Prophets receive honor everywhere but home.

MISSED OPPORTUNITY – Vs. 58 – Jesus didn’t do many mighty miracles there because of their unbelief. Imagine what they missed!