HOME MISSIONARY – 2 Kings 5:1-4

Generally, when we think of missionaries, we think of those who go to foreign shores to share the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. When we think of home missionaries we think of people sharing the Gospel in the United States.

I call the girl we know as Naaman’s maid a home missionary. Even though she served in a foreign country, she served as God’s messenger to the people around her. It is in this sense, that I feel each and every one of us who know Christ as our Savior should be a home missionary. Each of us comes in contact with a different set of people who do not know the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior. It is our job to serve as God’s messengers, sharing God’s good news with those around us. Psalm 107:2, Colossians 4:5

Here are seven things that made Naaman’s Maid a good home missionary.


Vs. 2 – At this time Syria would send raiding parties into Israel and they would steal things and people. On one of these raids, a young girl was taken captive and made a slave.

This girl was insignificant as far as the world was concerned. She was probably one of several girls captured and brought back to be slaves. She had no freedom. She had no notoriety. Other than providing cheap labor for the Syrians, she was of little worth.

She was insignificant to the world, but she was not insignificant to God. God loved this girl. God knew who she was and had a very important job for her to do.

You are not insignificant to God. In fact God loved you so much that his Son died for your sins. When you trust the risen Son of God as the only way to forgiveness and everlasting life, He forgives your sin, gives you new life now, and promises you an eternity in Heaven. He also makes you one of his children. You are no longer insignificant. John 1:12, Luke 12:6-7

The exciting thing is that just as God used an insignificant maid thousands of years, ago, He enjoys using insignificant people today. 1 Corinthians 1:16-29

God used an insignificant slave. He can use you!


Through no choice of her own, Naaman’s Maid was taken away from her home, taken away from her family, taken away from her friends and all that was familiar. Did she want any of this to happen? Of course not! Does God approve of slavery? Of course not! But God works through bad situations to perform His good! Romans 8:28

What’s the point for us today? God moves us. Sometimes He moves us to a new home or a new state or even a new country.

God moves us. Sometimes he moves us from job to job.

God moves us. Sometimes He moves people out of our lives, and sometimes He moves people into our lives.

God moved Naaman’s Maid, and as we’ll see in a moment, this maid was used by God as a messenger from Him.

When God moves you into new situations…

When God moves new people into your lives…

When God makes changes, even those you didn’t want, it is time to look for people that He wants you to be an influence in His behalf.


She ended up being a slave girl to the wife of a very influential Syrian General named Naaman.

She was in a strange situation.

She was in a strange land.

She was working for strange people.

So what did she do? She did her job!

She served the people that God had put in her life.

Wherever God has placed you, serve!

Remember when a lowly servant girl opened her mouth to speak, people listened! If she had not been a reliable servant, chances are, people would not have listened.

If you serve those around you well, when you speak for the Lord Jesus, it is more likely that they will listen.

God has something special to say to those who serve. Colossians 3:23

Jesus told his followers in Matthew 5:14, Ye are the light of the world…

In other words, if others are going to hear about the Lord Jesus, they are going to hear it from us. God has made us a light for them.

Jesus also said in Matthew 5:16 – Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

People must see our good works before they’ll listen to our good words.


Vs. 1 – This slave girl worked in the home of Naaman, who was a noted Syrian General. He was a great man, a national hero. But Naaman was a sick man. He had the dreaded disease of leprosy!

Eventually the slave girl spoke up and mentioned a servant of God, named Elisha, who could heal the leprosy. Why would she have spoken? Because she cared about Naaman’s well being.

My friend, before you will ever speak as a home missionary, you need to care about the spiritual condition of those around you.

Most of you can quote John 3:16

Have you ever considered John 3:17-18 and John 3:36?

If these verses are true, and they are, those around you without Christ are going to hell!

God said it! Do you believe it? Do you care?

Do you care that your brothers and/or sisters are going to hell?

Do you care that your children, your parents, your aunts, uncles, and cousins are going to hell if they don’t know Christ as Savior?

Until you care, you will remain silent.

Can you imagine the person you didn’t talk to about Christ confronting you after his own condemnation before the throne of judgment? What will he say to you? “WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME!”


Vs. 3 – Naaman’s Maid told Naaman’s wife what she knew about Elisha the Prophet. Evidently she didn’t know much, perhaps she didn’t even know his name. But she knew that Elisha could help Naaman, and because she cared, she said something.

Let me ask you something. Can the Lord Jesus help that unsaved loved one or neighbor of yours? Yes He can! He can give them forgiveness and eternal life. He can give them a better life right now! 2 Corinthians 5:17

If Jesus can help that unsaved friend or loved one, tell them what you know!

If you know that Jesus has changed your life and made you ready for Heaven, tell them.

If you know that Jesus died for their sins, tell them.

If you know that Jesus rose from the dead, tell them.

If you know that Jesus is the only way to Heaven, tell them.



This servant girl’s place was not to talk to her mistress’s husband. She couldn’t do that properly. She was a slave.

But she could talk to her mistress, and did.

God does not hold you responsible for what you can’t do, only for what you can do with his help.

You might not have as many opportunities to share the Gospel as you like, but there are things you can do, even if witnessing opportunities are sparse.

Who can you invite to come with you to church next Sunday?

There’s Sunday School.

There’s Youth Group.

There’s church services.

Invite people to join you!

Carry tracts with you to share.

And pray for opportunities to share your faith with others.

And pray for the souls of others.


Vs. 4 – Naaman’s wife told Naaman. And it was probably Naaman who went in and reported to the Syrian King. The Syrian King sent Naaman to Israel, and eventually Naaman was healed.

The little maid didn’t do much, but there were great results.

You might not be able to do much, but if you do what you can, God will save souls. 1 Corinthians 3:6

Do what you can, let God do the rest!