Habakkuk 1:1-2:1 – FAITH TESTED

(First of a three part series on Habakkuk)

When my wife and I were local directors for Child Evangelism Fellowship, we had an interesting challenge to our faith. The Lord had provided us with several summer missionaries, but we did not have the money to send them to training. At a committee meeting the treasurer basically asked me to show him the money so we could pay to send these teenagers to training school. I insisted that the Lord would provide the money, although I didn’t know how. In the middle of this discussion other committee members started handing me checks. By the time we were done collecting, we had more than enough to send the teens to training school. Our faith was tested, but God proved Himself faithful.

The prophet Habakkuk had his faith tested in his little book.

COMPLAINT – Vss. 1-4

Habakkuk had a “burden”. He was carrying a heavy load. Vs. 1

Habakkuk complained to God. He wanted to know “how long” would he have to pray before

God would do something about the problem of violence. He basically wanted to know why God had not answered his prayers. Vs. 2

Habakkuk describes more clearly the sins that he was concerned about in verse 3.

Habakkuk complains about the perversion of justice in verse 4.

By the way, Habakkuk did the right thing to go to God with his complaints. He is the one who ultimately gives the answers. 1 Peter 5:7


Vs. 5 – God graciously answers Habakkuk and tells him that He is going to do something Habakkuk won’t believe.

Vss. 6-11 – God tells Habakkuk that He will judge Judah by the work of the Chaldeans. He is referring to the conquering of Judah by Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon (2 Chronicles 36:14-21).

CONFUSION – Vss. 12-17

Habakkuk accepted God’s answer in verse 12.

However, Habakkuk became very confused.

He did not understand how God could judge Judah using people more unjust than they were.


Yes, Habakkuk was confused, but he decided to wait on God for an answer to his confusion. This was a wise move.

Habakkuk teaches us to come to God when we don’t understand and to wait confidently on Him for answers.