Judges 15:9-16:31 – GOOD AND BAD

In our lives we see good and bad things happen. Such was the life of Samson, good and bad.


Israel presumed that the Philistines had to be appeased. Judges 15:9-13

Sometimes we are like the Israelites. We would rather appease than confront.

 The Philistines presumed that Samson could be stopped. Judges 15:9-14, 16:1-3, 5, 21-25

Satan will be constantly trying to stop the Child of God, just as the Philistines tried to stop Samson.

 Samson presumed that He could live as he pleased. Judges 16:1-20

Samson especially seemed to think that he could do whatever he wanted with the ladies.  He kept company with a Harlot and then with Delilah.

Samson seemed to think that he could maintain a relationship with Delilah, who was actually trying to deliver him into the Philistines’ hands, and not pay any consequences.

We must realize that like Samson, we are not beyond God’s hand of discipline.  Proverbs 3:11-12, Galatians 6:7-8 


 To Win – Judges15:14-17

 To Escape – Judges 16:1-3

To Retaliate – Judges16:26-31 

I believe that He was used of God to bring Glory to God through this action.


Samson prayed and his thirst was quenched. Judges 15:18-20

Samson prayed and his strength was used one last time for God’s glory. Judges 16:28-31