God’s timing is perfect. (I suggest you share a personal example of God’s perfect timing in your life, or the life of your church.) Psalm 18:30

Often God provides perfect timing in answer to prayer. In 2 Samuel 15, David was forced to flee Jerusalem because of rebellion of his son, Absalom. To make matters worse, Ahithophel, David trusted counsellor (2 Samuel 16:23), was in conspiracy with Absalom.

DAVID ASKS (PRAYS) – 2 Samuel 15:31 – David received word of Ahithophel’s turning traitor. In desperation, he uttered a quick prayer, David had only one place to turn, and that was to the Lord. When we receive sudden tragic news praying is the first thing we ought to do. Psalm 120:1, James 1:5-8

GOD ANSWERS – 2 Samuel 15:32 – No sooner had David gotten to the top of the mountain and worshipped, but here comes the one known as “the King’s Friend” Hushai, another trusted counsellor. He was probably the only person humanly capable of defeating the counsel of Ahithophel. Jeremiah 33:3

DAVID ASSIGNS – 2 Samuel 15:33-36 – David recognized that Hushai was the answer to his prayer. He assigns him to go back to the city and pretend to serve the Absolom and defeat the plans of Ahithophel. He is also advised of his resources. Sometimes, when a person comes in answer to prayer, we need to be ready to suggest how they can help. We should not refuse help when it obviously comes from God.

HUSHAI ACCEPTS (THE ASSIGNMENT) – 2 Samuel 15:37 – Hushai accepted the dangerous assignment and, in God’s perfect timing, arrived at the same time Absalom arrived. Hushai pretended to be a loyal subject to the new king. 2 Kings 16:15-19

GOD ACTS – 2 Samuel 17:1-16 – Through Hushai’s counsel the plan of Ahithophel (Which probably would have worked.) was defeated by Hushai. A plan which gave David time to flee and reinforce himself was put in place. Ahithophel, who probably anticipated David’s defeat, returned home, and hung himself. 2 Samuel 17:23

Remember, when we pray, trust, and obey, we will see God’s perfect timing. Matthew21:22, 1 John 5:14-15