Those who know the Lord can certainly see God “hand” of influence on their lives. We can see how God guided us to salvation, the right marriage partner, the right job, the right church, and the right friends. We’ve seen God’s “hand” on us through good times and bad times.

Moses also had the “hand” of God upon him.  We can see this in the earliest accounts of Moses’ life found in our text.

 A REFUGE – Vss. 1-3

Pharaoh had commanded that all newborn male children be killed (Exodus 1:22).

Moses’ mother hid him, and then placed him in an ark and placed him in the reeds by the river.

This was Moses’ refuge from harm. 

A RESCUE – Vss. 4-10

God touched the heart of Pharaoh’s daughter. Moses grew up under her care. He was raised in the Egyptian court.

 A REVOLT – Vss. 11-14

This was a dark time for Moses. In protecting a Hebrew slave, he killed an Egyptian. He was forced to run.

 A RETREAT – Vss. 15-22

Moses retreated to the wilderness where he became a shepherd and where he met and married his wife.

A REMEMBRANCE – Vss. 23-25

God remembered his covenant with Israel and heard their cry from bondage.  Actually, God never forgot!  God also remembered Moses and was preparing to use Moses in a mighty way to deliver God’s people. Although Moses had been set aside, he was soon going to be at the head of God’s plans.

Sometimes God will set us aside for a while. This time should be a time of growth and learning for us.  We never know when God will say to us, “It’s time to do my work.”