It is always good to get off to a good start! Commercials on television challenge us to start the day with a good breakfast. If a project is being done at church, it is more likely to succeed if it is started well. I found that half of the battle in getting something done is to simply get started.

Nehemiah had a burden to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. He prayed and planned, and them waited for the right moment to get the work started. There are four steps we can take in getting started right. These are steps that Nehemiah took.

REQUEST – Vss. 1-8

Nehemiah got the permission to go to Jerusalem and rebuild the walls. Vss. 1-6

He had also planned well enough to request letters that would speed his travel and give him access to the needed lumber. Vss. 7-8

REVIEW – Vss. 9, 12-16

Before Nehemiah announced his plans, he reviewed the situation. He assessed things privately, so he knew exactly was needed and had an idea of how to approach the project.

RECRUIT – Vss. 17-18

This was not a one-man project. Nehemiah recruited the need personnel to get the job done.

REFUTE – Vss. 10-11, 19-20

When God works, so will Satan. There are times when the enemy will have to be answered. This is what Nehemiah did in Vss. 19-20.